Yael Hofri

Yael Hofri

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       Yael Hofri, an Uruguayan artist and digital illustrator based in The Netherlands, introduces herself as she shares her journey in the world of art. Having studied graphic design and previously worked as a window designer, Yael made the decision to focus solely on art, realizing that it was what truly filled her soul and brought her happiness. The artist displays a remarkable versatility in her work, showcasing her skills with acrylic paint and ceramics, but it is with her iPad that she spends most of her days, bringing new characters to life through her digital illustrations.

       Yael Hofri's artwork revolves around the themes of life, nature, and people, with a particular focus on women. She finds immense joy in drawing women in various poses, capturing their expressions and, of course, the intricate details of their clothing, as fashion holds a significant place in her heart. Her creative process is fueled by inspiration derived from the diverse cultures she has encountered throughout her life, drawing from her experiences in Uruguay, Israel, and Holland. This exposure to different cultures has greatly influenced the versatility of her art, allowing her to explore a wide range of styles and subjects.

       Ultimately, Hofri's main goal is to bring happiness to people through her art. Over the years, her work has successfully brought joy and delight to those who have encountered it, and this serves as her primary source of inspiration. As an artist, Yael aspires to grow and develop further, continuously challenging herself and allowing people to get to know her through her artistic expressions. She finds great satisfaction in adorning people's homes with her creations, bringing a sense of brightness and beauty to their lives.

Tips to fellow Artists:
My biggest advice is to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up. And like Albert Einstein said: "Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts."

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