Mia the Hoooman

Mia the Hoooman

Ana Marie D.G Ana Marie D.G
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About Mia the Hoooman
       Hi! I’m Mia —  a 27-year-old creative designer who loves expressing myself through my art. I have learned to love creativity in all its forms at an early age of 8 years old, from coloring to making dioramas, Art back then was my expressive language. This curiosity turned into passion as I started to immerse myself in graphic creation. Most of my art content focuses on self-love and self-care reminders as well as nature-inspired elements — a feel-good creative safe! I created MiaTheHoooman as an online creative platform which shares light & positivity and hoping that through this initiative, people will feel strongly inspired, motivated, and get the drive to push through their everyday lives with their passion in mind. 

Tips to fellow Artists:
Practice makes progress! If you want to grow as an artist, you have to allot time honing your skills. Do research, watch inspirational videos or explore more on your art style! Don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

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