Enamel Pin Design Guide 2023

Enamel Pin Design Guide 2023

Alex Alex
2 minute read

Welcome to the enamel pin game! Just like many starters, you probably did a lot of research on where to start your pin journey and by now, you know that designing is one of the first steps.

This blog covers design points to remember to make sure your design will translate best as an enamel pin. 


Each color of your design should be outlined. This outline acts as a barrier to prevent the colors from mixing together. These outlines should not be thinner than 0.2mm

Areas of Color

The minimum area of color where the enamel paint is added should be 0.3mm

Text Size

The smallest text that we recommend using is 5pt. Please note that this is based on a plain font, such as Helvetica. More complex fonts will require a larger font size. 

When using text in your designs, please make sure that you follow the size rules for the minimum raised metal line thicknesses and the minimum filled areas of color.

Any raised metal areas of text should be no thinner than 0.2mm and should contain no recessed areas of color smaller than 0.3mm.

Pantone Color Match

For the most accurate color matching, we recommend using the 'Pantone Solid Coated' guide. Clearly, indicate which areas of your designs you would like to be colored by using the correct color values when creating your artwork or by clear instruction when placing your order.