PAMdesigned by Pamela Mujica

PAMdesigned by Pamela Mujica

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Pamela Mujica (PAMdesigned), was born in Chile. Makes wire crochet jewellery using the Peruvian Stitch. The Peruvian stitch is the Art of Making Loops.

She uses Fine Silver 99.9% wire, upcycle copper wire and non-tarnish wire to make her pieces. The technique Peruvian Stitch was created by Juan Pacheco in Peru 1992, a neo ancestral sculptor due to the need to create a flexible and uniform mesh to build sculptures and now, this technique is used in 75 countries.

Pamela discovered beautiful wire inside the motors of her broken microwave during lockdown and now she uses for her jewellery and home decoration. Pamela arrived to Australia in 1996 with her husband, two years after had her first son. She also has a second child and at the age of 44 had her third one. This baby changed her life and career completely. She became a jeweller!

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