Sonali Khanna

Sonali Khanna

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About Sonali Khanna

Sonali is a Visual artist and Communication Designer based in Delhi, India. She is a graduate in Communication Design and has worked with many advertising agencies and design studios on branding, illustration, packaging, and print/digital advertising projects.

She kept practicing and working on illustration projects to put forward her beliefs and vision alongside her day job. Her artworks revolve around femininity, body image, and self-love. 

Her work aims to create an environment that conjunction with independent beliefs and social/cultural changes. It captures the ethos of culture, ethnicity, and lifestyle. The essence of warmth, belongingness, and nostalgia are some of the aspects displayed in her work.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Perseverance, patience and loads of practice, helps one grow and understand strengths to tap onto. Also, staying connected with self and following the gut leads to the desired path.

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