Bader Ablan

Bader Ablan

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Bader Ablan, a native of Caracas, Venezuela, was raised in the vibrant Caribbean country. Despite its breathtaking beauty and the warmth of its people, Venezuela has been plagued by an ongoing economic and social crisis. However, Bader decided to embark on a new chapter in her life and made the move to Madrid, Spain, at the beginning of 2021. It is in this picturesque city that she now calls home.Having completed her studies in Business Economics, Bader initially pursued a career in that field. However, her perspective underwent a remarkable transformation in 2020 when the pandemic struck, and the world was subjected to widespread lockdowns. It was during this time of introspection that Bader realized her work failed to bring her the fulfillment she yearned for. Instead, she found solace and inspiration in something that had always both captivated and intimidated her: art—specifically, digital illustration.Since that pivotal moment, Bader Ablan has dedicated herself to the pursuit of art. With a self-taught approach, she delved into the depths of the internet, learning from numerous incredible artists whom she deeply admires. While she could easily provide a long list of recommendations, some noteworthy figures include Sophie Kuhn (@oh.ofi), Lucie Corbasson (lucielouxor), Mijke Coebergh (mijk.jpg), Paweł Jońca (paweljonca), Laura Díez Estrada (@lauradieze), and Svenja (@svenja.pokora).Bader's artistic inspiration draws from observing people and their myriad emotions, as well as finding beauty in the small details of everyday life. As an introvert by nature, she has discovered that illustration serves as a powerful outlet for expressing her ideas. It empowers her and allows her creativity to flourish. This might explain her penchant for creating illustrations depicting strong, empowered women who confidently embrace their bodies and ideas. Through her art, Bader finds a sense of strength and liberation.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I was not the typical girl who since childhood is passionate about drawing every day, in any corner and was so clear of what she liked since then. I really started to draw when I was 24 years old, "too late" I thought at the time. That made me too insecure because I felt that I had too many technical errors and was not ready to share it. But then I thought that the sooner I faced that insecurity, the better. Posting my progress through Instagram (I suppose any social network works) has helped me in many ways. Don't let the work of others intimidate you. Let them just inspire you. Then, from a more technical point of view, I would recommend:
          • Practice whenever you can. Daily if you have the possibility.
          • Fill yourself with references.
          • Observe in detail the world around you.
          • Learn about anatomy.

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