Bader Ablan

Bader Ablan

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About Bader Ablan

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. For those who have not heard about it, it is a beautiful Caribbean country full of warm people, but with an ongoing economic and social crisis. I moved at the beginning of this year (2021) to Madrid, Spain, where I currently reside. I graduated from Business Economics, a profession that I have exercised so far.But in 2020, with the pandemic and the lockdown, I had a change of perspective. I realized that my work didn’t fulfill me and I began to channel this feeling through something that had always generated me a bit of admiration and a bit of fear: art. Specifically, digital illustration. Since then, it has been an everyday project. So far I have been self-taught. Or well, let's just say that I have learned from the internet and from many incredible artists that I admire. I could spend hours recommending people I follow, but just to name a few: Sophie Kuhn (@oh.ofi), Lucie Corbasson (lucielouxor), Mijke Coebergh (mijk.jpg), Paweł Jońca (paweljonca), Laura Díez Estrada (@lauradieze) and Svenja (@svenja.pokora). My inspiration comes from people and from everything we can feel. Nature and the simple details of everyday life. I consider myself an introvert, and illustration helps me express my ideas. It makes me feel powerful. Maybe, that’s why I like to draw empowered women, owners of their bodies and their ideas.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I was not the typical girl who since childhood is passionate about drawing every day, in any corner and was so clear of what she liked since then. I really started to draw when I was 24 years old, "too late" I thought at the time. That made me too insecure because I felt that I had too many technical errors and was not ready to share it. But then I thought that the sooner I faced that insecurity, the better. Posting my progress through Instagram (I suppose any social network works) has helped me in many ways. Don't let the work of others intimidate you. Let them just inspire you. Then, from a more technical point of view, I would recommend:
          • Practice whenever you can. Daily if you have the possibility.
          • Fill yourself with references.
          • Observe in detail the world around you.
          • Learn about anatomy.

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