Shelby Grates

Shelby Grates

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About Shelby Grates of OrdinarilyExtraLetters

I began hand-lettering while studying sociology at UCLA after almost completely abandoning my creative endeavors and taking a different professional route, frustrated with having never developed a "style". As I continued to letter, a style began emerging and continues to evolve to this day, I felt compelled to letter and draw when I was focused on a particular thought or feeling, and began drawing much more frequently during COVID as a way to cope and process the stress, thoughts, and the work I was doing on myself. Having the time to draw and removing the pressure of making perfect, detailed works of art allowed my style and true self-expression to emerge. Tips to fellow Artists:
I wish I removed the pressure I placed on myself to make "flawless" art far earlier than I did. I wish I gave myself the permission to express myself authentically, and I hope other artists, no matter how early or far in their practice to address and tackle the barriers to authentic expression. Personally, it is a constant and conscious effort to avoid becoming and creating what I expect others want. Keep practicing. :)

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