Millie Lackey

Millie Lackey

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About Millie Lackey

I went to university for fine art, and focused on sculpture. I graduated in 2020, by the end of my time at school I was pretty disillusioned by the idea of being an artist after graduating. I decided I was done with art. I continued keeping a sketchbook though, since that felt different to me. This served to document and journal and process things, but I didn’t count that as art in my head. In school I developed a rigid idea of what art was, so naturally something that was nice, felt good, and was accessible, couldn’t be art. But I kept making. I would show my sketchbooks to people I’d met and friends, and they’d always be impressed, and sometimes ask if I would do a commission for them. And eventually I got on Instagram and made an actual page for my work.

I slowly realized that it didn’t make sense not to clarify my work as art. I still continue to toggle over what I actually want from the art I make though. Sometimes I think I should take advantage of it, and try to support myself off commissions, and getting prints made. And other times I feel my art should be kept a secret and that I’m the only one who should get to enjoy it, and that it shouldn’t live in the public eye.Tips to fellow Artists:
A piece of advice that I would give to any other artist is to pay attention to what feels good, and keep in mind that art doesn’t need to be good, or profitable, or deep in order for it to be worth making.

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