Pin Lord by Eduardo Morales

Pin Lord by Eduardo Morales

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As enamel pin enthusiasts, we recognize Pin Lord as an established pin community that has been bringing pin makers and pin collectors together through its platforms.


Our admiration of the space [Pin Lord] encouraged our curiosity about the creative mind behind it and we are so excited to share with you our exclusive interview with the creator of Pin Lord.



For those who don’t know you yet, who are you, and what is Pin Lord?


I am Eduardo Morales, and I am the founder of Pin Lord.


Pin Lord is an Enamel Pin Community and an Enamel Pin brand that started back in 2015.


The reason why Pin Lord started was because I am just obsessed with pins and I've collected pins for a long time and I wanted to have Pin Lord as a place where I showcase my favorite pins and also sell the pins that I want to see out in the world.


Apart from pins which I love doing and I do love dancing, I love running. I do marathons, I live in Kingston New York, so I get to run out here and I'm also an avid baseball fan -- I love the dodgers and I love meditating, and honestly, I just love spending time with my wife.



You write and make videos about Instagram; how do you stay up to date?


The way I stay up to date is by testing everything myself so I don't make an effort to keep up with the news. What I make an effort to do is use my Instagram to grow my business. Through that process of trying to use all the Instagram features, I'm pretty much up to date with the things that are live. If there's something that I know is coming but hasn't come out yet, I don't worry about it too much because it hasn't come out yet. So the way I stay up to date is by using as many features as I can to see if I can use them to grow my business.



Has lockdown changed the way you create content?


It really has. Since lockdown, I noticed that videos and reels and TikToks have become so much more popular and part of the reason why I began Pin Lord is because I knew that I could grow that account without putting my face out there and having to talk about myself which I've always been really shy about. But being in lockdown has made me realize that the future is being able to communicate through videos so I began a YouTube channel where I talk about all the tips and information that I think is important when it comes to growing your business on Instagram and I've also learned to edit videos, I learned to edit audio, to record, and I did mostly because I did an online course about how to grow an Instagram account, how to grow a small business on Instagram or I talk about all of my experience at every single thing that I do and that took me like six months to do and through six months of a lot of trial and error I’ve gotten a little bit better at recording video and being able to edit which has been really really helpful.

 Eduardo's workspace


Is there anything you do every day that helps you to be successful?


In my opinion something that I try to do every day is to have a balanced life. For example, I try to eat healthy and I try to take care of my mind. I like meditating, I also like spending time with my wife, and I also like doing work stuff but also stuff that feels like fun and play to me like drawing enamel pin designs. To me, thinking about your well-being in a broader sense can help you be more successful in your business because you'll be happier and if you're happier you're able to create in a way that I think people will be able to notice; that someone put a lot of their hard work and love into it.



Talking about the future of Pin Lord…

Right now I'm working on a project that I'm really excited about and it's about helping people unhook from Instagram. Giving people really practical advice on how they can use Instagram in a way that helps protect their mental health but also helps them be able to have an Instagram account that fulfills whatever they needed to fulfill. For example, those people who don't necessarily like using Instagram but they have to for work. So this project is going to be focused on those people who have to use Instagram but want to find practical ways to live a healthier life with it which I'm really excited about. My interest towards it has grown more and more because of my own experience,  because I've worked on Instagram for so long I know how important it is to be able to try and find some sort of healthy relationship with it because I think a lot of people go through a lot of pain because of Instagram and I've gone through that and I think I would be really proud to create something out there that my help people need someone healthy relationship with their Instagram because suffering from Instagram is really not worth it, that's what I'm excited about.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to pursue the life of an entrepreneur like you?


What comes to mind right now is to do something that you can feel really proud of and don't do it because you think there'll be a lot of money in it and the reason why I recommend that is because any project that you undertake, any small business you undertake is going to take an incredible amount of time, an incredible amount of energy and commitment and a lot of both physical and emotional investment and during those times. When it feels like a lot of work and you're not getting anything from it, if you don't love and feel really proud about what you're doing is going to be really difficult for you to create something really special and it feels like someone put a lot of love into it, and in my opinion, the projects that feel really special and that someone has put a lot of love into it are the ones that end up being successful in the long term because they're unique, and in the world where there's so much competition there's no way to make a project or a small business successful unless it's truly something unique that isn't being offered by anyone else.

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