Lilla Bukovacz

Lilla Bukovacz

Ana Marie D.G
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About Lilla Bukovacz

I studied pattern and costume design in Hungary, but I'm currently concentrating on illustration at Plymouth College of Art. I love combining imaginary things with reality in a comforting way!

I take a lot of inspiration from Japanese and Korean culture, and I admire Miyazaki's animations. My dream is to create magical atmospheres in my illustrations that make people search for magical moments in their own realities. Some of my favourite things: drawing little houses, everything light blue, the sea, linen dresses, green tea, kimchi ramen and the Moomins. 

Tips to fellow Artists:
Things I always have to remind myself of: stop comparing yourself to others! Just focus on what you really enjoy doing! It's okay to not always know what you really enjoy doing! Sometimes you need rest and sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone. Be kind to yourself and other artists. 

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