Jazzy Bui

Jazzy Bui

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About Jazzy Bui

Jazzy Bui is a multi-disciplinary designer currently based in Singapore. She is a product UX designer with a background in branding & identity design, born in Hanoi, Vietnam; spent her teenage years in Melbourne, Australia; got her bachelor degree in London, U.K and is recently residing in Singapore. 

With her experience in a spectrum of design disciplines, from graphics, branding to digital user experience and fashion design, Jazzy is unafraid to experiment and play with new forms of media. 

Her works mainly include abstract art with organic shapes, lines, and vibrant colors. 

jazzy bui illustrationjazzy bui illustrationn

A dab of still life can also be found in her illustrations. These days, Jazzy focuses on digital drawings, acrylic paintings, and dry clay art.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Have faith in the process. Sometimes, it feels like the results wouldn't be what you expected it to be. But afraid not, if you keep going and trust your instinct, creativity might lead you to somewhere even more brilliant!

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