Pepita Glück

Pepita Glück

Ana Marie D.G
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About Pepita Glück

I have a non artistic background, but most of my fellow artist I have being always painting or making something creative in my life, even knitting! God! I would love to learn tapestry.

My main inspiration is the culture of the 80s and 90s because that’s what make the child that I was in the curly adult that I am now. But as life pass by I am evolving more into portraying the reality that surrounds me, the streets of my city, the food of my neighbourhood, the objects that talk to me and remind me where and when I am. 

Tips to fellow Artists:
I think it’s important to support us between each artist, feedback, tips, where to find the best or cheapest print shop. Also it’s important to continue trying even if you feel you are not going anywhere, because one of the secrets of success is patience and hard work. It’s ok to experience and not being afraid of finding your own style by changing media, topic, inspiration.

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