Atelier Eumori - Kawaii is Justice

Atelier Eumori - Kawaii is Justice

Ana Marie D.G
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About Atelier Eumori

The motto of Atelier Eumori is "Kawaii is Justice". Translated, it means cute is justice, and that cuteness triumphs all. Kawaii is in everything I create and my items will also make you feel 100% kawaii and ready to face the world in your magical armour. For as long as I remember, I've loved drawing, crafting and also reading mangas. I went on my first trip to Japan in 2015 and fell in love with their culture, especially their fashion styles and kawaii characters. These form the inspiration behind the creation of Atelier Eumori. 

Calandra, an artist who believes in bringing joy through cute art is the person behind Atelier Eumori. She also run some Kickstarters before. The first one is the Sakura Gakuen which was born out of a need for beautiful yet functional pins. The second one was the Mini Homes Enamel Pins and Pin Banners. It features adorable characters in pocket-sized homes! This collection encapsulates her experiences growing up as a 90's kids - watching anime, playing with mini dollhouses and games on the game boy. 

Tips to fellow Artists:
Don't limit yourself to one art style - explore your craft. 

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