Lydia Ellen Greaves

Lydia Ellen Greaves

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About Lydia Ellen Greaves

I’m 23 years old, based in Perth Australia but from Norwich U.K. originally. I am a freelance illustrator also working in a bakery by the beach part time with my husband Eli. We love to ski & surf. I’m a keen cook and when I’m not drawing I’m usually in the kitchen making up a yummy new recipe. My business is about 5 years old total but really took off during lockdown when I was able to commit more time to it & decided to post and draw something new every single day. Sometimes I would hate it, sometimes it would become my new favourite piece. This allowed my style to develop into what it is today and my confidence grew organically overtime. My life’s biggest dream is to have a family and to travel as much as possible. We are blessed with amazing family, friends and church community who all support my work unconditionally and have often held my head high in moments when it was tempting to give it up. Art always has and always will be my happy place and my greatest outlet, sharing it with the world is just a huge bonus and makes me beyond thankful. 

I started illustration because art was always a safe space for me. From a young age I would go to my Nana’s house every Friday after school and she taught me every medium from knitting to oil pastels and from then it has always held a special place in my heart. 

Through challenging seasons of my life it has remained something that when I revisit, I feel safe and warm. This feeling is also what inspires me, I hope to make the viewer feel this too when they look at my work and that wherever they are in the world and in whatever circumstances, they will feel comfort.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Don’t look to your left or your right, just keep running your race. If you create artwork that you love, others will be attracted to it. However if you try to fit your work to be like others or liked by others, it will stunt your work and you will lose joy in it.

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