Chloe Welch

Chloe Welch

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Chloe Welch, an artist and illustrator residing in Denver, CO, finds her artistic passion intertwined with the joys of motherhood. Accompanied by her husband and their 15-month-old daughter, Chloe's creative spirit thrives amidst the picturesque landscapes of Colorado.

From a young age, Chloe's innate creativity propelled her to explore a multitude of artistic mediums. However, since embracing the role of a mother, her artistic focus has shifted towards illustration. The convenience of her iPad allows her to seamlessly immerse herself in her craft without the constraints of cleanup. With time becoming a precious commodity, Chloe relishes the challenge of creating within limited windows, finding excitement in the need for speed.

Vibrant colors act as a magnetic force, drawing Chloe towards their vivid allure. In her work, she embraces exaggerated figures, infusing them with a touch of whimsy and charm. Her artistic style celebrates the adorable and the playful, emphasizing elements that evoke delight and laughter. Chloe's compositions radiate an infectious energy, reflecting her own vibrant personality and her desire to spread joy through her art.

As she navigates the ever-evolving journey of motherhood, Chloe finds solace in her artistic expression. Through illustration, she not only nurtures her creative spirit but also finds a means of preserving fleeting moments of beauty and wonder. Each stroke of her digital pen captures the essence of motherhood, celebrating the enchanting bond she shares with her daughter and the extraordinary experiences that unfold within their family.

Chloe Welch's artistic journey continues to evolve, guided by her love for her family, her unyielding creativity, and a determination to infuse the world with color and delight.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Just put your head down and make art! Go go go! Produce so much work and then you can see themes emerge, see progress, develop your voice.

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