Jiatong Liu

Jiatong Liu

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About Jiatong Liu 

I was born in China and loving to draw since I was a little kid. My teacher described me as a very quiet shy kid who is always drawing. But I stopped drawing when I went to high school because there was a big bias about students who study art, which is seen as they are too bad in the academic study to choose art instead.Grown with the big stigma I gave up drawing until I went to the university where I knew a group of people who study Illustration. So I self-studied Illustration as my second major and went to Kingston University to study Illustration properly in the end. I follow my passion for Illustration and keep studying it then finally found my own style and voice. Now I worked as a freelance illustrator in London after I graduated with my MA degree. I love to draw people especially girls and I love the colour blue. I think dreamy, vibrant, spiritual can describe my works in general. I am the least loud person in the reality but want the audiences to hear my loudest voice when they see my works.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Follow the passion and draw the things you want. I know it is so hard to draw as you want especially when you face financial pressure. You have to draw something that you dislike or not in your expertise to make a living. But keep pushing and develop the personal style when you have spare time. Developing a personal style needs time that is why so many people quit halfway. So passion and patience are the only two things important to me. You will find answers to other questions with these two qualities.

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