Lily-Rose Burgess

Lily-Rose Burgess

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Lily-Rose Burgess is an artist from Melbourne, Australia who does amazing oil and acrylic paintings. 

About Lily-Rose Burgess

I have been creating art, really for as long as I can remember! I still have memories of being a toddler with all my coloured crayons. In fact, I once drew a lizard on the wall near my family’s front door, and my dad liked it so much he left it there! I started actually taking art more seriously when I was 12, and I found the joy and magic of painting when I was 17. Now, at the time of writing this, I am 21 and have not looked back from painting. I spend every spare moment of my busy life in Melbourne Australia, doing what I can to improve my practice and learn all I can from others. From 9 – 5 each week day I work in the world of accounting, so I am often pushed for time to create art. But, I manage! I put a lot of myself into my art – I love to paint places that I have ties to, colourful still life paintings, portraits, pets and the occasional surreal/imaginative pieces. Painting is my escape from reality as well as my acceptance of it, and I hope my works bring you the same amount of joy they bring me!

Tips to fellow Artists:
Practice every single day, but if you feel tired, rest! The creative engine needs to be nurtured if you are new to painting, the best way to learn is to find an artist whose work you admire, and try to learn how to create using their process - there are a lot of artists out there who are happy to teach or have educational YouTube channels! Finally, don't be discouraged if you aren't happy with how your work has turned out. Mistakes are more important for learning than successes are!

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