Lily-Rose Burgess

Lily-Rose Burgess

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Lily-Rose Burgess, an artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia, possesses an extraordinary talent for oil and acrylic paintings. Her artistic journey commenced at a remarkably young age, with fond memories of wielding colorful crayons as a toddler. In fact, one of her earliest artistic exploits involved drawing a lizard on the wall near her family's front door, a creation so adored by her father that he allowed it to remain. As the years progressed, Lily-Rose began to take art more seriously, immersing herself in the world of painting and experiencing the sheer delight and enchantment it brought her. Now, at the age of 21, she stands unwavering in her devotion to painting, having never looked back since.

Despite the demands of her busy life in Melbourne, Lily-Rose seizes every spare moment she can find to hone her craft and expand her knowledge. From 9 to 5 on weekdays, she immerses herself in the realm of accounting, often finding herself pressed for time to devote to her art. Nevertheless, she manages to strike a balance. Pouring her heart and soul into each piece, Lily-Rose's paintings reflect her deep connection to the places she holds dear, vibrant still life compositions, heartfelt portraits, beloved pets, and the occasional foray into the surreal and imaginative. For her, painting is a refuge from the realities of life, while also embracing and accepting them. Her earnest desire is that her artworks bring as much joy to others as they bring to her.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Practice every single day, but if you feel tired, rest! The creative engine needs to be nurtured if you are new to painting, the best way to learn is to find an artist whose work you admire, and try to learn how to create using their process - there are a lot of artists out there who are happy to teach or have educational YouTube channels! Finally, don't be discouraged if you aren't happy with how your work has turned out. Mistakes are more important for learning than successes are!

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