Hsuan Chu

Hsuan Chu

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Hsuan Chu is an artist based in Taiwan. She loves the color yellow and believes that it shares the same pureness as white, while adding an extra touch of spirit and liveliness.

About Hsuan Chu

Liveliness, yes, this is the word that I've always been craving for. It not only dictates my preferences on colors but with music as well. Lorde, Halsey, The Weeknd, and Taylor Swift are the spiritual food I consume when creating. Two summers ago, I started to share my works on Instagram, hoping this mighty thing named the Internet would carry my spirit to other sides of the globe. Slowly, I started to receive feedbacks from a number of lovely souls. Some comment on my use of color, others simply enjoy the concepts, still others trust me with their feelings. Meanwhile, I am constantly enlighten by so many incredible artists: An Chen (@anchenillustration), Lanfang Lin (@redays_2231), Rung Sheng (@rungsheng.illustration), and Sophia Ji (@sophiasartworks), just to name a few. Knowing that they all come from my hometown Taiwan excites me, it means that I get to pick up their incredible brains sometimes -- Did I mention they are incredible already? Nevertheless, the journey of creating is like walking on a rocky road. All of us the creators got our ups and downs. Ideas are like my boyfriend. Just when you want to get intimate, it would never disappoint you by declaring a cold war for no reasons. In those moments, I would trim my split ends or watch true-crime documentaries. I meant when I run out of ideas, not fighting with my boyfriend. He won't watch anything horror with me because he is as timid as a three-year-old. As for the future, I don't really know. But it'll probably end up with something like making my personal brand comes alive. Or who knows if I'd carry my affection of the color yellow to the other sides of the world?
Tips to fellow Artists:
Life is full of options. Don't be afraid to try everything before committing to anything. For a while, when people think of me, they usually can't confidently describe my drawing style. I hate being seen as "someone who can draw," instead, like many of you, I want to see myself as an artist. However, what kinds of artist would I be if even I can't define my own style? This bothered me so much to a point that it almost killed my passion for drawing. But then, I realized it is just a process of discovering yourself. Now, here comes the secret: Art forms actually communicate with each other! When you get frustrated with drawing, try taking some pictures, writing a poem, or just randomly splash some paint on canvas! This not only helps you get out from the rabbit hole, but enables you to be a well-rounded artist. In short, creating is healing, it is perhaps the best therapy of regaining your identity.

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