Jiin Chung

Jiin Chung

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About Jiin Chung

I majored in graphic design and psychology at a university in South Korea, but I have spent my whole life drawing. It was during those times in university that my true passion was in illustration. So after graduating from school, I went into a company that needed me as an in-house illustrator and worked there for couple of years. After that, I wanted to make my own art, so I started to work as a freelance illustrator. I still have a lot to learn and grow, but I am grateful for the fact that I get to have something I love as a career. In fact, my artwork is about trying to capture that gratefulness and joy that I feel in everyday life, in the hopes of myself and everyone who enjoys my artwork would remember that joy. 

Tips to fellow Artists:
I like seeing other artists’ work, but I find it also helpful to look at their writings, because you can get a sneak peak of the thought process of the artist. Once you start to understand the thought process behind an artwork, you learn new techniques, ideas, and perspective that would benefit your own art. And I recommend writing your own as well. Writing is one of the most effective way to develop your insight to help you grow as an artist, but it also helps with your mental health and wellness as a human being.

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