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Nona is an artist born and currently residing in the city of Liverpool in the UK.

About Nona
I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. I'm a self-taught oil and digital artist and have had the pleasure of working on several illustration projects, from designing for the Burj Khalifa to being exhibited at Hamlet's Castle Denmark. I also have several ongoing personal projects and art books. I have had work exhibited and sold across Europe, North America and Australia, and currently has a painting on permanent display at the Bluecoat Chambers. With a passion for art, technology, and travel, I currently fit my drawing and painting around my day job and home life, with the hope that one day my passion for creating art and stories will become my full-time career.

After the success of publishing an illustrated anthology of witchcraft, where I created a witch for each of the different Star Signs, currently, I am completing my next character design project, Modern Monsters. Which is an A to Z anthology that travels the entire world meeting unusual and unique creatures from different mythologies. Exploring what these ancient beings are up to in the 21st century. From binging Netflix to enjoying Karaoke, and much more. Hopefully, once this project is complete I will be a bit more confident in my character design and illustration skills and will then be able to begin creating my first ever comic book of original short stories, as well as hopefully finding time to continue to learn how to oil paint. I just need to stop procrastinating, and maybe I might actually achieve one of my many ambitious plans and schemes.Tips to fellow Artists:
When able to again try having a table at a comic convention or event, it's the best way to meet like minded people, gain advise, opportunities, as well as getting your brand out there and increasing your followers and sales.

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