Gigi Rosado

Gigi Rosado

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About Gigi Rosado
       Gigi Rosado is a designer and freelance illustrator based in Scotland and Poland. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a Ba Hons in Interior Design. She also has a background in pedagogy and social work, of which she gained an MA at the University of Lodz (Poland).

      Gigi’s creative journey is a path of experimenting and looking for a way of expressing herself and describing the world around her. Everyday objects and situations influence her art, sometimes a small detail brings to life the whole picture. These illustrations show the home environment as a place of beauty filled with colors. The primary medium Gigi uses is her iPad, and her work mainly consists of bright palettes and sketchy lines.
Gigi is fascinated by folklore and naive art. At the same time, she is highly interested in the history of art and design, which is an excellent source of inspiration for her works.

       She believes that art can play a significant role in changing societies and people. Through her illustrations, she tries to promote ideas of equality and inclusion. Often the topic of her works is stylized women portraits- Gigi tries to present feminine diversity.

       Drawing is Gigi’s biggest hobby, but she also was born with an obsession for reading and knitting!

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