Diana Heslin

Diana Heslin

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About Diana Heslin 

Diana is an illustrator and designer based in Florida, USA! She began drawing when she was about 2 years old but got serious about making art into a source of income in the last five years. She became passionate about creating an art career after being inspired by the large community of independent artists online. Her favorite medium is watercolor, but her favorite things to make are enamel pin designs! She has designed several pins for her own use, as well as the 2021 Pride pin for Intel. She is working to expand her portfolio and reach with her designs to work with other brands in the future!

Her earliest art memories are of drawing dozens of fan characters for her favorite shows, Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon, and this anime influence is still present in her work. She was also influenced by the works of Disney, and how elegantly they can convey movement and narrative in their movies. Diana is especially passionate about creating artwork that tells a story and has created illustrations for the Dungeons & Dragons podcast, Masks & Martyrs, and the Zelda fan musical, Songs from the Wild. She hopes to someday do illustrations for an original tabletop role-playing game, or create a graphic novel.

Diana's latest passion is finding creative ways to bridge the gaps between traditional and digital art, as well as create artworks that make an impact on people. She is always available for commissions, especially of your Dungeons & Dragons characters, and creates original merchandise designs for her Etsy store. She can be found in person on the Florida comic convention circuit, and hopes to make more appearances in the future both as a vendor and panelist.
When she's not creating art, Diana loves to play video games, write music, and spend time with her wife and four cats. 

Tips to fellow Artists:
Let yourself make bad art! When you make something you're not happy with, that means you're learning what works and what doesn't. That's the most important step to grow!

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