Yan Yan Candy Ng

Yan Yan Candy Ng

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About Yan Yan Candy Ng 

Yan Yan Candy Ng is an Australian illustrator and artist with a multi-disciplinary practice based in Melbourne, Australia.

Candy specializes in illustration, mural design, and on-the-spot drawing. Her work is often colorful, cheerful, and whimsical. Creativity has been a gateway for her to express her voice, connect with others, and grow as a person. Candy's work aims to bring happiness to herself and to other people – she believes making people smile can change the world.

Yan Yan

Her work has been exhibited across shows locally and internationally such as New York, and Berlin. When not creating, she can be found in the kitchen eating snacks, roller skating, or thinking about her next road trip.⁣

Yan Yan Works

Tips to fellow Artists:
Focus on your passion is good but remember to live life too! Take time off from your screen/social media and make time for self-care. It will fuel your creative energy.

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