Gingerbreadthing by Gingy

Gingerbreadthing by Gingy

Alex Alex
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Hello fellow artists! Another well-deserving creator is joining our Artist Spotlight community. Gingy is a wonderful person creating really cute stuff. Our admiration for her brought about our first ever commission by her. Now you can enjoy and shop her stuff.

About Gingy

Hello, there :) I’m Gingy ♡ I love to draw and I aspire to be a full-time artist~

There are many times I have doubted myself. But thanks to the love & support from my followers, friends, and family, I am able to push through the tough times. I am forever grateful for them! Someday, I hope to expand my work into making pins, stickers, tapes, etc., and open an online store selling the most adorable things! Right now I'm just a small artist with big dreams :)

Tip/s for fellow artists:

Keep creating! Keep doing what you love to do, and just have fun! Don't compare yourself to other artists & don't let the number of likes/followers bring you down :)




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