TealTeacup by Gayle Warfield

TealTeacup by Gayle Warfield

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About TeaTeacup

The artist behind TealTeacup Shop, Gayle Warfield, enjoys creating round things, full figures, chonky kawaii characters, and self-representational humor in her artwork and designs. She is a SoCal Based independent artist, Black small business owner, single mother, and Social Media Influencer within the art and enamel pin community. She creates cute, funny, relatable, “mood-inducing” designs based on foods, animals, anime, and popular culture that bring happiness and joy to others!

The history

With 7 years of experience in UI/UX Design, Gayle started her own business designing and selling enamel pins, stickers, and accessories in 2018. In 2019, she took a leap of faith and began running the shop full time both online and at conventions across the United States. With the Covid 19 pandemic shut down of all conventions for artists and vendors in 2020, the shop began streaming live on Twitch creative and participating in online events and conventions. With the support of the community through Tealteacup.com, Patreon, and Kickstarter, the shop continues to produce new cute and relatable artwork on a monthly basis through Pin Club, Preorders, and Crowdfunding~!

In 2021, Tealteacup Shop's Monthly Pin Club subscription will release new original themed designs based on all things cute! In April 2021, a new enamel pin series has been released through Kickstarter, and an upcoming project for ITA Bags and Enamel Pin displays will release later this year!

Tealtea Cup


One of the biggest transitions I've made since 2020 is streaming on Twitch! I enjoy talking on live streams about drawing, designing for pins, and sharing behind-the-scenes info about being a small independent artist! Twitch streaming is one of my favorite weekly activities as an artist in the creative space because it is a flexible platform to draw or play games while hanging out with followers and fans! I get a chance to get live feedback from fans that can influence what I do and what comes next! They also get to see SNEAK PEEKS of what is coming next as I work on new designs! Thankfully, I had awesome members on my team to mod and help keep Twitch a fun and safe chill space. We connect and continue to grow the community through my Discord, called TealTeacup's TEA PARTY!  Through discord, both Pin Club Patrons and Twitch Subscribers get special exclusive channels for additional behind-the-scenes sneak peeks! The art and pin community is amazing to connect and share with!

Please check out her work here:

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