Shirin Godhrawala

Shirin Godhrawala

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About Shirin Godhrawala
       Hello ! I'm Shirin Godhrawala, an Artist currently living in Mumbai, India. Since one year, my husband Ali and I, began this journey of creating Art and shipping it to our clients all across the world. My inclination towards fashion and art began at a very young age; thanks to growing up in a creative home where I learnt how to sew from my Mother and paint from my sisters. In the past, I've been a Fashion Designer and a Fashion Illustration teacher and that is why my current work has strong influences of both my previous passions. The recent direction in my Art journey began during the lockdown when, running out of white paper, I started sketching on Printed magazines and Colorful handmade papers which helped in the evolution of my Art and led me to this angular, messy, urgent style of sketching portraits that capture snippets of iconic moments from the world of Fashion & Cinema.

Tips to fellow Artists:
While on the Art journey it's easy to get overwhelmed and to lose your sense of individuality if you keep looking at what others are doing. So try to walk your own path, learn from your own mistakes, practice daily and strive to create your own original style.

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