Shirin Godhrawala

Shirin Godhrawala

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       Shirin Godhrawala, an artist based in Mumbai, India, has been making waves in the art world with her unique and captivating creations. Over the past year, Shirin, alongside her husband Ali, embarked on an extraordinary journey of artistic expression, crafting awe-inspiring pieces and delivering them to clients all around the globe.

Shirin's profound passion for fashion and art traces back to her early years, nurtured by a creative upbringing in a household brimming with artistic flair. From her mother, she learned the art of sewing, while her sisters imparted their knowledge of painting. Drawing from these formative experiences, Shirin's current body of work bears the strong imprint of her previous pursuits as a fashion designer and a fashion illustration teacher.

However, it was during the lockdown that Shirin's artistic journey took a new and unexpected turn. Faced with a shortage of white paper, she turned to unconventional materials such as printed magazines and colorful handmade papers. This resourcefulness became the catalyst for the evolution of her art, giving birth to a distinctive style characterized by angular lines, untamed brushstrokes, and an urgent energy. Through her sketching prowess, she skillfully captures fragments of iconic moments from the realms of fashion and cinema, breathing life into her portraits.

Shirin Godhrawala's artistic prowess knows no bounds, as she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity and leave an indelible mark on the art world. With her fusion of fashion, illustration, and a unique artistic perspective, she captivates audiences far and wide, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of contemporary art.

Tips to fellow Artists:
While on the Art journey it's easy to get overwhelmed and to lose your sense of individuality if you keep looking at what others are doing. So try to walk your own path, learn from your own mistakes, practice daily and strive to create your own original style.

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