Polina Jakimova

Polina Jakimova

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About Polina Jakimova
I am Polina, a freelance digital illustrator from Hanover, Germany. Originally, I was born in Minsk in Belarus, but my family moved to Germany in 1996. My style is heavily inspired by printmaking techniques as risography and linocut. I love to simplify shapes and work within a limited color palette, and love it even more to observe how they interplay on the canvas to create even more colors and shapes. I immensely enjoy illustrating everyday life, and food is something that we handle day in and day out. It became very satisfying to pay attention to all the kinds of food there is, all the produce that is available in different parts of the world. I am also a huge movie nerd! So watching movies with friends and make mock-up posters for the watched flics is a lovely exercise in conceptual illustration. I would love to illustrate a real poster or even a book cover some day. A girl can dream. I never studied illustration formally, but somehow kept gravitating towards visual arts. First in my bachelor's degree in Art History, where I loved the art and could not care for the way history was taught and then in my master's degree in English Literature, where, funnily enough, I fell in love with comics and graphic narratives. Although I have been drawing my whole life, I only now – at 33 – feel myself courageous enough to embark on the freelance artist journey. The pandemic might have shown that nothing is safe, not even my nine to five job as an Editor, which I lost due to COVID. So at the end of 2021 I thought to myself "the heck with it" and just went full on freelance! Working digitally with my iPad gave me freedom to try out so many different techniques and find my own style. Having had moderate training in classical painting with oils, pastels, charcoal and acrylics in my teens, I still had a process of learning and unlearning to do while discovering what I really like as an illustrator but also as someone who just enjoys looking at art. That is actually what I am still doing and hopefully will be doing for a long time.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Don't be afraid to start again. When I find that my illustration doesn't work, I try to identify the point where it went downhill. If the whole composition does not work, just start again. Not immediately, take a walk, have a cup of tea or a nap and then try again. These things tend to work out over time and no matter how hard you push and want to work it out NOW, it is better to give your brain and yourself a break.

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