Shikha Sharma

Shikha Sharma

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About Shikha Sharma of Studio LumiTex
Hi! My name is Shikha Sharma, I’m a Surface Pattern Designer/Textile Designer & Illustrator from New Delhi, India! I started illustrating when I was young and haven't stopped since. I'm the happiest when I'm using my iPad Pro & Apple Pencil. (I create most of my designs on it!)  My art style has always been bursting with colour and with a lot of attention to detail, inspired by nature, birds, butterflies, and blooms! I love all type of animals from, Bunnies to Alpaca’s, Moths & Butterflies, Big Cats & Dogs! I love them all and they have always been main characters in all my designs! I have two pets, who I start my day with! Chelsea, is a Golden Retriever and Mishti, is a Shih Tzu!

I love them to bits! I believe, each print has its own unique story in the form of a design process. I find that whole process which includes picking colours for the collection(while staying true to WGSN trends), which elements to use in the patterns, which product it would look good on, etc. All this research, excites me more than the final outcome! I love working at the intersection where form, function and aesthetics meet each other. I studied Textile Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. I’ve always wanted to be a Print & Pattern Designer from the very beginning. I am now slowly reaching personal & business goals that I set for myself! I do plan on starting a small business after I reach a specific milestone on my Instagram. I license my prints & patterns to various brands across the globe right now, all digitally! I'd want to start selling physical products (Enamel Keychains, Pins, Stickers, Embroidered Patches, Tote Bags, Magnets, Notebooks etc) with my patterns on it! I also want to contribute about 5% from each purchase towards any good cause for animals! That’s my DREAM! 

Tips to fellow Artists:
Post everything you create! Never be afraid to show the world your art/talent! There will always be a bunch of people who’ll get inspired & appreciate YOU! Support other creators, create a positive community & be kind!

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