Daniela Ruiz

Daniela Ruiz

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About Daniela Ruiz
My name is Daniela Ruiz, aka Conejaurios. I’m a Visual Designer based in Argentina. In my spare time I dedicated myself to paint and draw a lot, it is one of my favorite moments of the day. This new habit started during the quarantine, before that I wasn't a fan of doing handmade stuff, I used to only work with digital tools. Nowadays, I really like to combine both techniques in my art. One day I was in my home and I felt the need to grab a brush and paint objects that I had around me. It started with an empty bottle of wine, then my sneakers, and later on with everything. It felt amazing to transform a boring object into something new and colorful. My style is inspired by nature, colors and organic shapes. Sometimes I draw patterns and abstract things, but other days I enjoy drawing about daily situations. I’m a really nostalgic person so I also enjoy drawing about toys or movies from my childhood and vintage stuff. One of my biggest dreams is to customize a car or a motorhome. I'd love to have that kind of challenge in my life. To finalize, I’d say art and design have saved my mind. I have anxiety so when I'm doing art, it is one of the moments that I feel relaxed and happy. Also is a great way to express myself so people can know me better.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I’d say to have more confidence in themselves and try a lot of tools or techniques to find their own style. Also to not be afraid of creating and trying new things, the nicest part about art is that you can express via it, and there's nothing wrong with that!

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