Sha of Happy Days Illustration

Sha of Happy Days Illustration

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About Sha of Happy Days Illustration
Hello! My name is Shalla, but you can call me Sha. I am the artist behind Happy Days Illustration, a tiny corner on the internet where I post soft-colored doodles of happy animals (and occasionally, humans). Growing up, I was never the artsy kid. I didn't really draw anything outside of schoolwork. And when given a pencil, I’d sooner write a poem than doodle. I did spend a lot of time coding blog layouts and designing the collages that went with it. I also dabbled a bit with watercolor painting. In 2019, I realized that accessing digital art was as easy as downloading an app on my phone. The next thing I know I was drawing an army of frogs and peaches behind a table while selling them as stickers at conventions! My art style is relatively simple: they’re chonky animals doing silly stuff while looking silly. I prioritize my color palette above everything else because I want people to feel soft, fuzzy and happy when they look at my work. I want people to have happy days of their own. I think I got it down for the most part when they smile at my frogs and ducks. Well, at least I hope so.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I guess my advice would be to trust yourself, trust in your own process and trust that you will eventually get to where you want to be with your art. It’s a long journey and we’re all here for the ride!

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