Ramnika Saggu

Ramnika Saggu

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Ramnika Saggu, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator hailing from Punjab, India, is a talented artist with a passion for creativity. Graduating with a degree in Bachelors of Fine Arts, specializing in Applied Arts, Ramnika has explored various fields, mediums, and styles throughout her artistic journey. Raised in a family of Artists and Creative Minds, her love for design blossomed at a young age.While the concept of design may have initially been hazy to Ramnika, she always knew deep down that it would be an integral part of her life. The sheer joy and fulfillment she experienced through her artwork made it clear that this was her true calling. One of her favorite aspects of being a designer is the ability to gift her art to others. Creating personalized cards and bookmarks for her friends and family fills her with immense delight. The smiles on their faces as they admire her creations, knowing that these tangible pieces connect and remind them of their relationship, fuel Ramnika's passion for art. In her leisure time, she can often be found doodling and sketching, losing herself in the world of lines and colors.

Ramnika's illustrations are diverse in nature. At times, they are concept-based, allowing her to express her thoughts and ideas through a creative lens. Other times, she embraces simplicity and minimalism, capturing the essence of her subjects with elegance. She acknowledges that not every sketch or drawing she creates may be deemed extraordinary, but she takes pride in the fact that they are uniquely hers. Continuously honing her skills, Ramnika embraces this as a positive step on her lifelong journey towards a brighter and more vibrant future. Her ultimate goal is to bring a fresh perspective to the world. Through her works, she aspires to help people, spread happiness, and leave a significant impact on the world around her. 

With unwavering dedication and a passion that knows no bounds, Ramnika Saggu continues to evolve as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Armed with her artistic prowess, she is determined to make a difference through her creations, infusing every stroke and design with her indomitable spirit and love for the craft.

Tips to fellow Artists:
No matter what the outcome is, just keep working. Each and every piece of your Art or Design is awesome, Believe me!

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