Mellisa of Gummyy.y

Mellisa of Gummyy.y

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Mellisa of Gummyy.y is a freelance illustrator based in Malaysia. She is passionate about creating art that brings joy to people's lives. Mellisa's artistic journey began at a young age, starting when she encountered her sister's drawing of a mushroom-shaped house. Intrigued and inspired, she thought to herself, "Oh! I want to draw like that too!" From that moment on, she immersed herself in drawing, dedicating her time to practice and improve her skills. Although the learning process was lengthy, Mellisa cherished every second, embracing the inherent trial and error as valuable learning experiences.

Mellisa's art draws inspiration from her random ideas and emotions in the present moment. Her little characters depict the small wonders of life, often imbued with mischievous characteristics to infuse her artwork with fun and humor. Exploring a vibrant palette of colors, she uses them as a means to express herself artistically. Mellisa sees art as a lifelong pursuit and is committed to continuously creating drawings that evoke feelings of safety and happiness in others.

As a freelance illustrator, Mellisa thrives on the freedom to express herself through her art. Her work showcases her unique perspective and creativity, capturing the attention of those who come across her illustrations. Whether it's a whimsical scene or a playful character, Mellisa's creations have the power to uplift and brighten someone's day. Her passion for spreading joy through her art is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and her unwavering dedication to honing her craft.

Mellisa's journey as an artist is marked by a deep love for what she does. Her commitment to continuous growth and her desire to bring happiness to others are the driving forces behind her creative process. Mellisa of Gummyy.y weaves a little piece of magic into the world, inviting others to join her in a world of imagination and wonder.

Tips to fellow Artists:
Art is a self expression and every creation is unique. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in a way that you like or prefer. You don’t have to worry whether it would look good or not because every art and every person is wonderful in their own way! :)

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