Mellisa of Gummyy.y

Mellisa of Gummyy.y

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About Mellisa of Gummyy.y
Hi! My name is Mellisa. I’m a freelance illustrator based in Malaysia. I’m the artist behind gummyy.y. I love to draw happy things and I hope to bring joy to people's lives. I have been drawing since I was 5. It all started when I saw my sister’s drawing of a mushroom shaped house and I was thinking “Oh! I want to draw like that too!”.  Since then I’ve been drawing and practicing to improve my skill. It was a long learning process but I enjoyed every second of it. And of course it comes with trial and error but I take it as a learning process.

My art is inspired by random ideas I have in mind and how I feel at that moment. The little character I draw represents the little things in life. I often draw them in a mischievous characteristic to add some fun and funny elements towards my art. I like to use various colours in my art as a way to express myself. Creating art is something that I can do for a long time, and with that I want to continue on drawing things that make people feel safe and happy inside! :)

Tips to fellow Artists:
Art is a self expression and every creation is unique. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in a way that you like or prefer. You don’t have to worry whether it would look good or not because every art and every person is wonderful in their own way! :)

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