Lina Kimbap

Lina Kimbap

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Lina Kimbap, a digital illustrator originally from Korea, has now made sunny San Diego, California her home. As the creative force behind Turtle Heights, Lina's journey into the art world began later in life, although her artistic inclinations were present since childhood. She credits her aunt, who possessed a talent for the arts, for nurturing her creative spirit. Together, they embarked on various art projects involving clay, glass painting, and paper art, sparking Lina's passion. During her teenage years, Lina stumbled upon a bootleg copy of Adobe Photoshop, igniting her fascination with photo manipulation. She spent countless hours experimenting and reveling in the possibilities of digital art. It wasn't until after college that she received her first big break. Google Korea commissioned her to create a Gangnam Style themed shirt, and her design was chosen for mass production. This experience solidified Lina's belief in her artistic abilities and opened doors for further exploration.In her mid-20s, Lina's life took her to San Francisco, where she found herself surrounded by an abundance of inspiration, particularly in the realm of plants. Fascinated by their intricate details and vibrant colors, Lina began to delve into digital illustration on a daily basis. During her lunch breaks, she would dedicate herself to capturing the beauty of her botanical muses, allowing her drawings to evolve organically. 

The culmination of Lina's creative journey became Turtle Heights, her platform for sharing her digital illustrations with the world. With each design, she aims to bring joy and a touch of whimsy to her audience. Her art reflects her unique perspective, combining her love for nature and her Korean heritage. Lina's illustrations often feature vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and a sense of playfulness that invites viewers to escape into her imaginative world.

Today, Lina Kimbap continues to develop her skills as a digital illustrator, constantly seeking new sources of inspiration. Her passion for art fuels her desire to create, and she eagerly looks forward to sharing her artistic endeavors with a global audience, spreading smiles one illustration at a time.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I didn't receive formal training but over the years I taught myself how to use a variety of design software. I'm sure there's a lot of benefits from going through a traditional learning program, but the opportunity doesn't come easily to everyone. Nowadays there's even more valuable resources out there and many fellow artists are sharing their hard earned tips & tricks online. Keep learning and mastering your craft even if it's on your own! It can be intimidating sometimes competing with a lot of talented artists, but remember that you too are a talented artist! Believe in yourself, your art, and your process <3

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