Let's Meet Von Royce from Australia!

Let's Meet Von Royce from Australia!

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Let's Meet Von Royce from Australia!

Formed in mid 2019, Von Royce's sound has progressed into a scrumptious soup of rock/reggae/rap with hints of soul, funk and metal. Their charged live shows have quickly earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from Brisbane's scene.

The band consists of four Kiwi expats: Corey Arceo (vocals and guitar), Ryan Gilbert (bass), Kyle Goldsack (drums), Gene Waugh (Keyboard) and one Aussie larrikin: Josh George (guitar). Each member of the band brings a different style and taste to the ensemble, creating an exhilarating brand.

The band is heavily influenced by kiwi reggae bands such as Kora, Black Seeds and Left or Right, as well as more classic rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix, RHCP and Rage Against the Machine. Their massive love for hip hop is also incorporated into their song writing with influences like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole seeping into the flows and style of their sound.

Von Royce’s most potent weapon is their live show. The colossal energy they bring to the stage with steezy grooves and massive breakdowns ensures no one is left untouched by their fiery finesse. The groups’ natural chemistry is reflected with their easy-going, piss-take interactions with each other and the crowd. After dominating support slots on shows around SEQ and cultivating an underground following, the band sold out their first headline gig in Brisbane early 2021 followed by another sell out show in September later that year, for their self-titled EP Release show at The Brightside, Brisbane. They will take the stage at Tom Cat on August 13th 2022 for their first headline in nearly a year to celebrate the release of their powerful new single 'Seaside'.

Tips to fellow artists:

Don’t wait for shit to happen, get out there amongst your local music scene and make connections. Trust your gut and form your own brand of music, don’t try and ride the trends. Surround yourself with other aspiring, open-minded musicians and feed off each other’s creativity. Music is so much richer and meaningful when you’ve got a tight team with strong chemistry. Be persistent but patient with trying to get your name and art out there. Lastly, don’t die on the cross of perfectionism. Get it done, get it out there, and move onto the next.

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