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Mink is a shop that we recently found and we could not help but fan girl! We thought we would be selfish not to share our love for them through this feature. So here you go! Learn how you can shop and show support!

About Mink

Mink is a playful and strange collection of prints and pins based on pop culture, art and the designer’s own style. I started Mink 6 months ago with the aim of having a project that was completely in my own style and purely for the fun of creating. I wanted to make things that I like and like wearing so settled on enamel pins as wearable pictures that have a surprising amount of possibility and versatility. From there, Mink has expanded to include gift boxes and miniature cards, stickers, and prints of my drawings.



Martha Hegarty



Pins, prints, stickers, stationery. 



Instagram: @minksuperstore

Shop: https://www.marthahegarty.com/shop

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MinkSuperstore

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