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Creator Chat

Alex J. Alex J.
2 minute read brings you - Creator Chat!

We understand that starting a brand is daunting for us creators. The thought of owning a business, formulating a marketing plan, and budgeting for production are just some things that make creating intimidating. Not to mention the anxiety of being unaware of how to start. 

When we say we understand those things, you can trust that we do because is made up of artists who had a fair share of confusion and questions as to where and how to start, what designs work for a specific product, and whom to trust when producing their merch. From there, we thought, “why not devise a way to support creators regarding this matter?”

And so we are giving you Creator Chat - a free online consultation with real-life local artists and marketing advisers. From one creator to another! 

Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What’s the difference between hard and soft enamel pins?

Should I make changes to this design if I want it to be a pin?

How do I get a sample?

How do I maximize my budget?

How to create stickers?

How to produce patches?

How do I promote my products?

What's the best marketing platform?

Through Creator Chat, we can help you with these and more questions you have in mind.

YourStuffMade is for you. You can trust us that we will always find new ways to better our service and support you create products faster and easier. This is another opportunity for us to get closer to you and extend our help.

How can you book a consultation?

You may find it on the footer of the website or go to > contact then you will see a clickable link that will direct you to book a meeting. 

Book a meeting to get a free consultation. Our team will happily talk to you. Find us through:

        Calendly  >  Instagram  >  Facebook  >  Website  >  Email

Thank you to our amazing community!

Alex J.


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