By artists, For artists

By artists, For artists

Alex J. Alex J.
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As a brand by artists, we acknowledge the importance of empowerment and the responsibility to remind each other of our crafts. We recognize the shift in our team's attitude when reminded of the freedom to be the creative artists that we are. Some of us remarked that such a statement makes them feel proud, confident, and committed to showing up and contributing to a workspace that encourages passion and creativity.

Working in a company that gives no liberty and feeds on artists’ creativity without reinforcement is a nightmare. And so I could not be any happier that I now work for Your Stuff Made. Being an artist in this space means we get to self-express and challenge our skills while creating. Everyone is encouraged to use the creativity that we have, and this light sustains our passion for what we do.

As a brand for artists, we are extending this encouragement to you. We want to remind you that as artists, you are not only capable of appreciating art but also adept at creating one. We find so much joy in liking and commenting on your posts out of genuine happiness seeing creators put out exceptional ideas and products; it just feels right to leave some words of encouragement and support. 

We continue to put hard work and effort into celebrating your craft through Artist Commissions; a project that we recently got into to show support in our community. How does this work? We find people who accept commissions and work with them on an artwork, this way we act as their customers and offer them a free feature on our platforms. In fact, the beautiful art cover of this blog is our first-ever commission and it was with @ginderbreadthing! This project is very special to us in building connections with you as artists in one community. If you are doing commissions, contact us and we will be very happy to work with you.

We love hearing your stories! The conversations that we share have become one of our favorites. We are all ears when you tell us how you get started or how you’re planning on starting. One of the most remarkable stories would be those of you who quit your day jobs and commit to making your brand. It is a story that is very close to our hearts as our CEO did the same to start this brand. That is why we made Creator Chat, so we can hear you more personally and make ourselves available for you if you need a real-life artist that could guide you through the process, for FREE. This is something that we wish we had when we were starting, and so here it is for you to enjoy.

And just when we thought we ran out of ways to support you, our brand is now in the works of launching a supply shop; a one-stop-shop for your brand's essential supplies. You would not have to pay for multiple shipping fees and go to different online shops to buy your artist goods. So if you have requests and/or suggestions about what you'd want to see in the shop, let us know!

We are devoted to supporting you. Other than manufacturing your products, we enjoy establishing a relationship with you.  Through this, we hope to build a community of artists supporting artists.

Share your stories with us and let us know how we can support you. We are excited to hear from you, and anyone from the team will be happy to talk with you.

Our team is so excited to work with you! Want to know more? contact us below

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Amazing artwork is done by the talented Ginger Bread Thing!

Thank you to our amazing community!

Alex J.


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