Abz Art by Abdul

Abz Art by Abdul

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Abz Art by Abdul
Hi, I’m Abdul! I usually go by “Abz”. I’m an artist based in Perth, Western Australia.

Creating stories and characters has been a passion of mine ever since I was a young lad, especially after discovering manga at the age of 13. Upon completing 2 degrees in health sciences, I decided to live a life more authentic to myself, and so in 2015 began to pursue my dream of being a full-time artist. 

I now create artwork ranging from nostalgic fan art to my own original designs, selling my prints at conventions and markets around Australia, as well as doing custom commissions. A venture I hope to explore in 2021 is making stickers and enamel pins of my art. 

A dream of mine is to complete my own graphic novel/comic book and share the stories I’ve created with the world.
Tips for fellow artists:
Here's a few things I learned over the past few years that I think would help out other artists, especially those starting out. 
- Learn to manage your finances early on! Work with a budget that's within your means, keep note of expenses, put aside money for bills, daily expenses and savings as soon as you have it. Ensure that you are financially settled (in the sense that you aren't behind on bills and are not in urgent debt), so that you can focus on creating!
- Manage your time according to how you work best. For example, if you are most creative in the mornings, then use that time to sketch ideas and create. At times when you are less creative (for me it's usually late afternoon), use this time for more admin tasks (emails, applications, stock count, etc). Time is our most important resource, use it wisely. 
- Constantly brush up on the fundamentals, keep practising even in areas where you feel you already exceed in. Learning has no end, it's for a lifetime, and will continually make you a better artist.
- Be open to meet other artists and connect with people. Some of the best opportunities you'll have will be via people who refer you or recommend something to you. You never know where it may lead. Having said that, ensure these relationships aren't just for personal gain. Make genuine connections, it's great for your mental health!
Prints, original art, and soon stickers and pins.
Instagram: @abz.art
Youtube: Abz Art
Abz Art by Abdul

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