Mofuseasons by Rin

Mofuseasons by Rin

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Mofuseasons was a midnight hobby for Rin and has now become a business selling enamel pins and artworks. Learn more about her journey and how you can show support through this blog.

About Rin

Hello, I’m Rin! I am a freelance illustrator based in Singapore. Mofuseasons was a little midnight hobby that I started when I stayed home to care for my newborn twins. I needed an outlet to do something therapeutic while I cared for my babies the whole day so I began to draw and explore digital illustration when I had some time to myself at night. I also started my enamel pin and art merchandise business during this time to bring in some income to help my family.

Since young, I always had an interest to draw but didn’t have the chance to work on it. I graduated as a language major and was a language teacher in elementary school for some years as I love working with children. Now, I am dedicating my full time to care for my own children, and work on illustrations inspired by my love of the Japanese culture, animals, food and themes of seasons and love.

I started pet portrait commissions a year ago and recently I’ve also started a monthly themed sticker club to share my art with more people. I hope that one day I can create illustrations for children’s books.





Enamel Pins, Keychains, Prints, Stickers & Pet Portrait Commissions










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