Kelly McMahon Design

Kelly McMahon Design

Liam B.
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About Kelly

Kelly McMahon is an illustrator and designer based between Melbourne and LA. 

After seven years as a graphic designer, Kelly dreamed of a life painted in more than black, white, and Helvetica. The desire to add femininity to her work sparked her new venture in illustration.

Kelly uses thoughtful details combined with a sophisticated use of color, shape, and sparkle to create a unique minimalist style.

Inspired by the world of make-believe, she has always been drawn to fantasy and fairy tales. From tea parties to grand adventures, as a child, she loved worlds that made anything possible and where fabulous hair was nothing short of a superpower. Kelly brings this world to life through her accessory design and illustration.

Since 2018 she has focused her time exhibiting at various shows across the USA, Australia, and NZ. In 2021 she successfully kickstarted “Imperium”, a deck of playing cards featuring a world of female rulers and their tales of victory.

Tips to fellow artists:

It’s important to stop and be proud of the work you create, be proud of your achievements in the moment and build on them to reach new heights.



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