Luck of Kings by Brenden De Vries

Luck of Kings by Brenden De Vries

Liam B.
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About Luck of Kings

Luck of Kings is a Melbourne based design company - formed around the idea that a little bit of luck and hard work can turn anything around.

We are passionate about being able to take a piece of your personality wherever you go - so we decided to present our art on everyday items.

We specialise in playing cards and guitar picks in hopes to give you a little extra luck in a game of cards or as you play your favourite song.


About the artist

Hi, I'm Brenden, and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Melbourne. I showcase my artwork at conventions around Australia and New Zealand while I work on writing graphic novels and making music.
For me, drawing has always been an extension of my imagination, and a way to stay connected with the world of make-believe. I grew up on super heroes and anime, and would always find a way to make everyday an adventure just like the shows.
I present my art on items that can be found around the house to show that you can extend your personality through anything, and take a little piece of your passion wherever you go.

Come explore my imagination and share this creative journey with me.


Brenden De Vries (@brendenroel)


Playing cards, Guitar Picks, Prints & Merchandise

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Instagram: @luck.of.kings


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