Lynn Bremner

Lynn Bremner

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About Lynn Bremner
        Hi, my name is Lynn Bremner, I am a Scottish illustrator and muralist based in Melbourne, Australia. I illustrate bold and colourful images with strong characters, intriguing colour palettes and dynamic compositions. With each of my illustrations and murals I like to spread a message of inclusivity, fun and kindness.

        I started pursuing illustration professionally a few years ago after a long career of working in bars, restaurants and cafes, swooning over beautiful beer and wine labels! I’ve been so lucky to have a few beer and coffee labels under my belt, which has always been a dream project for me! 

       Since I grew up in the countryside amongst some of the most beautiful scenery around (if I do say so myself!) I have always been inspired by nature and although I now live in a big city, I like to surround myself with nature through my work. Now that I live in Australia, I am forever inspired by discovering gorgeous native flora and fauna and often depict my favourite Australiana like the incredibly vibrant pink Galah birds or native plants like gum trees or billy buttons. 

      Although 99% of my work is digital, I always start my process off with simple pencil and paper, I find I can be more free and less precious which helps me get into a flow state rather than jumping straight onto the ipad! After a brainstorming sesh and lots of sketchy thumbnails, I’ll take my rough idea and refine the sketch on Procreate. Depending on the project from here I’ll either continue in Procreate or take things to Adobe Illustrator if I want a more precise feel, lately I’ve been dabbling with different textures and patterns so after Illustrator I’ll jump onto Photoshop to add some warmth and depth.

     I think community in the illustration industry is super important, so I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to say hey on Instagram!Tips to fellow Artists:
I think it is really important to find a community of other artists that you can have a dialogue with - either in person or online! Personally for me, having a community where I could ask questions and get feedback on my work was so important to help me figure out what works and what doesn't. Having a community can also lead to new opportunities and collaborations. Also - just be a good person

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