Lynn Bremner

Lynn Bremner

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      Lynn Bremner is a Scottish illustrator and muralist who currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. Known for her bold and vibrant illustrations, Lynn brings to life captivating images filled with strong characters, dynamic compositions, and intriguing color palettes. Through her artwork, she aims to convey messages of inclusivity, fun, and kindness.

       Lynn Bremner's professional journey in the field of illustration began a few years ago, following a long career spent working in bars, restaurants, and cafes. It was during this time that she developed a fascination with the exquisite labels found on beer and wine bottles. With great fortune, Lynn has had the opportunity to contribute her artistic talents to designing beer and coffee labels, a dream project she always aspired to accomplish.

       Having grown up surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of the countryside, Lynn draws immense inspiration from nature. Although she now resides in a bustling city, she ensures that nature remains an integral part of her work. Living in Australia, Lynn finds endless inspiration in the country's captivating native flora and fauna. She often incorporates elements of Australiana into her illustrations, featuring vibrant pink Galah birds, native plants such as gum trees and billy buttons, and other fascinating natural wonders.

      While Lynn primarily works digitally, she always starts her creative process with a simple pencil and paper. This initial stage allows her to embrace a sense of freedom and spontaneity, enabling her to enter a state of flow before transitioning to her iPad. After brainstorming and sketching numerous thumbnails, she refines her ideas using Procreate. Depending on the project, Lynn may continue her work in Procreate or switch to Adobe Illustrator for a more precise finish. Recently, she has also been experimenting with different textures and patterns, utilizing Photoshop to add warmth and depth to her illustrations.

    Recognizing the significance of community within the illustration industry, Lynn emphasizes the importance of connection and collaboration. She encourages others to reach out and connect with her on Instagram, welcoming the opportunity to engage with fellow artists and enthusiasts in a vibrant and supportive community.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I think it is really important to find a community of other artists that you can have a dialogue with - either in person or online! Personally for me, having a community where I could ask questions and get feedback on my work was so important to help me figure out what works and what doesn't. Having a community can also lead to new opportunities and collaborations. Also - just be a good person

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