FREE Design Conversion: Sketch to Digital Art

FREE Design Conversion: Sketch to Digital Art

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So you want to level up the swag of your company but you don't have the artistic skill to illustrate your design idea. What should you do? 

On this blog, you will learn how we can help you turn your pin idea into reality, for FREE.

  • Communicate your concept

Say hi to one of our team members and tell us the story you want your pin to communicate. Pins could be small metal pieces but they could hold stories we can successfully incorporate in your design. 

  • Put it on paper

"But I just told you I'm not artistic" 

Putting your idea on paper will help you visualize more the idea in your head. Don't worry! It doesn't have to be professionally drawn. Your sketch will help you and our artist work on digital art faster by understanding certain elements in your drawing such as text placements, proportions, space, etc.

Here is a sample sketch from Whit, one of our amazing clients who gave drawing her idea a shot.

After one sketch, she thought of another version and realized what may look better. This is our goal for requesting sketches! So that you can have fun and experiment :)

After seeing and consulting more with Whit, our lead artist created this digital art for her.

Which leads us to the next step

  • Approve your digital art

Let us know how you love your design so we can proceed with creating you a production-ready mockup!

Mockups for Whit

  • Approve your mockup

Once you're happy with the mockups, to production they go! How easy right?

Our team guarantees easy, fast, and affordable experience! Start creating with us today >

Final products for Whit

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