Pagefly and success story

Pagefly and success story

Liam Byrne Liam Byrne
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YSM x Pagefly success story

As an artist-owned product manufacturer and sourcing agency, Your Stuff Made needs to stand out with constant store updates. In this article, let’s find out how YSM maps the storefront, designing a wonderful customer experience for incredible sales.


Meet Your Stuff Made


Industry: Custom Product Manufacturer and Sourcing Agency

Location: Melbourne, London, Los Angeles & Global


Your Stuff Made is the leading Australian owned global technology company, manufacturing and sourcing ethical products from local and international manufacturers. 


Since its inception, YSM has become a leader in the ethical manufacturing movement of custom products. Founder Liam Byrne has a future vision for manufacturing that considers people, planet and product while improving quality standards.


YSM partners with local artists and global companies to create impactful solutions. They offer a growing range of over 30 ethical products and the ability to develop prototypes. Key services include concept creation, manufacturing, account management, shipping and logistics.

YSM has implemented the most efficient systems for offering global manufacturing to allow them to become a trusted partner to an impressive list of global clients including Shopify, Adidas, Uber, Riot games, SEGA and Commonwealth games federation.


"Your Stuff Made is a global leader in the custom product space. Their user experience and collaborative process for creating quality ethical products is truly innovative. I am excited to see how YSM will continue to shape the manufacturing industry for the better as we continue to partner and work with them well into the future.”  Eduardo Morales - Founder at PinLord

The Challenge

“To create a leading solution and experience YSM couldn’t afford to take the same shortcuts our competitors offered.” - Liam Byrne


In an ever-changing industry, YSM remains ahead of the curve by continually innovating. Understanding evolving consumer behaviours is essential for success across all markets and YSM is at the forefront of technical solutions that convert.

YSM once invested a significant focus on both in-house and outsourced web developers. The draining investment of time and finance could have been better used fuelling the best customer experience possible. OR Liam can we say ‘The drain of both time and financial resources was substantial. These could have been more effectively utilised in fuelling the best customer experience possible.

In the custom product space, the buying process is complicated and time consuming, which can lead to high bounce rate when a website does not deliver a positive experience.

Past strategies for developing an online experience negatively impacted page performance and conversion targets. OR Liam can we say ‘Page performance and conversion targets were negatively impacted by previous ineffective (or inefficient) strategies. Despite high page traffic, time on site remained low and targets were not ever reached.

To continue growth, YSM needed to pivot to a solution that would provide improvements and efficiencies with time and financial investment, delivering the ultimate user experience.

After evaluating competition and various strategies, YSM upgraded to PageFly.

The Solution 

PageFly is a leading intuitive drag-and-drop page builder where companies can design custom pages on Shopify.


Liam Byrne, Founder of YSM is an advocate of PageFly:

“To stand out we implemented various options before partnering with PageFly which created a robust platform for developing an experience without non-essential coding.


Going live with PageFly delivered an immediate uplift in company KPI metrics. Introducing a seamless user experience, improved design and system efficiencies significantly increased customer time on site and sales, while decreasing operational fees.


PageFly made it easy to overcome our competition, integrate with our other systems and be extremely nimble to develop for an ever-changing industry.”


Your Stuff Made provides design, marketing and manufacturing custom products for some of the largest brands, campaigns and events. That’s why they needed much more than just Product Pages to showcase the artistic and visual products. 

With PageFly, YSM creates various Landing Pages to present their Sourcing and Brand Management services. 

Let’s explore the components that YSM use to make those landing pages.

Images and Animation

With the Image Element, YSM is able to add custom icons representing the services and each step of the progress. To make the page more dynamic, they use Animation when displaying the image. Those simple settings in the PageFly editor help YSM create the desired effect and page layout, without any code added.

Background Video

Spending years working with many global brands to make their projects and products shine, YSM’s work includes:

  • Branding

  • Product design

  • Manufacturing

  • Gift boxes

  • Advertising material

  • Event planning

  • Strategic planning

YSM has a collection of project showcase pages. Those pages follow the same layout and must include a video of the brand they work with. 

YSM began using a background image with the Autoplay function to make the experience seamless when customers visit their sites.

Consistent Layout and Button effect

It is crucial to make the Call-To-Action buttons uniquely styled, consistently placed, and descriptively named. There is no doubt that a creative agency like YSM has done just so. The layout is symmetrical, and the buttons have a stunning style and hover state. 


The success of the YSM online presence can be attributed to PageFly, the intuitive web page builder that has allowed them to save time, money, increase productivity and revenue.

After 2 months using PageFly, Your Stuff Made has seen: 

  • 23% increase in overall online revenue

  • 2x average increase of visitor time spent online

  • 5x faster than previous solution to implement upgrades and online changes

To upgrade your products and increase revenue, partner with YSM - the global leader in developing and manufacturing ethical products.

Looking forward to working with you,


Liam Byrne

Founder - Yourstuffmade





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