DropInBlog and Yourstuffmade success story

DropInBlog and Yourstuffmade success story

Liam Byrne Liam Byrne
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Your Stuff Made is the leading Australian owned global technology company, manufacturing and sourcing ethical products from local and international manufacturers.

Since its inception, YSM has become a leader in the ethical manufacturing movement of custom products. Founder Liam Byrne has a future vision for manufacturing that considers people, planet and product while improving quality standards.

YSM partners with local artists and global companies to create impactful solutions. They offer a growing range of over 30 ethical products and the ability to develop prototypes. Key services include concept creation, manufacturing, account management, shipping and logistics.

DropInBlog is a leading cloud-based content platform that YSM has implemented online, helping them significantly increase customer engagement.

DropInBlog integrates with almost anything!

Website blog apps

YSM has implemented the most efficient systems for offering global manufacturing to allow them to become a trusted partner to an impressive list of global clients including Shopify, Adidas, Uber, Riot games, SEGA and Commonwealth games federation.

"Your Stuff Made is a global leader in the custom product space. Their user experience and collaborative process for creating quality ethical products is truly innovative. I am excited to see how YSM will continue to shape the manufacturing industry for the better as we continue to partner and work with them well into the future.”

- Eduardo Morales - Founder at PinLord

The DropInBlog Impact

DropInBlog is an intuitive content development platform designed to embed blogs into sites with ease and superior function.

Liam Byrne, Founder of YSM attributes significant growth to the company’s upgrade to DropInBlog.

“DropInBlog is a huge leap ahead of other competing solutions. The intuitive ‘game-like’ SEO checklist enables teams to update content fast and with little effort. The simplicity of their platform takes the guesswork and frustration out of developing strong online content.

During my time working for Shopify Plus, I supported large merchants promoting great content which didn’t convert to any significant growth or visitor engagement stemming from a lack of SEO requirements. Simply writing content and pushing it online is not enough. SEO is a powerful and essential tool everyone needs to understand and utilise if they expect content to drive results.

For YSM to deliver information that resonates, an early investment was made to put content at the centre of the marketing strategy. DropInBlog enables YSM to create shareable content which empowers consumers to expand their reach.

DropInBlog will continue to be an essential part of YSM’s content marketing strategy.”

KPI results since partnering with DropInBlog*

  • 23% increase in overall online revenue

  • 2x average increase of visitor time spent online

  • 5x faster than previous solution to implement upgrades and online changes

* Results recorded from 2 months after implementation

To upgrade your products and increase revenue, partner with YSM - the global leader in developing and manufacturing ethical products.

Looking forward to working with you,

Liam Byrne
Founder - Yourstuffmade

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