Truffle Arts by Tiffanie

Truffle Arts by Tiffanie

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Tiffanie is a talented designer and artist based in sunny Singapore and the creatives behind Truffle Arts. Tiffanie's journey into the world of creativity began at a young age. She recalls attending art classes with her sister, sparking her passion for art and design.

After completing her diploma in design, Tiffanie delved deeper into her artistic pursuits. However, it was during the COVID period that she truly found her artistic voice. Utilizing her newfound free time, Tiffanie began drawing and decided to open her own shop as a fun endeavor. From her tiny room, she started printing and cutting stickers, sharing her unique creations with the world.

What started as a small venture quickly gained momentum. Tiffanie's shop experienced tremendous growth, leading her to dedicate herself full-time to her own brand. The success of her artwork even propelled her into the world of conventions, where she began setting up booths to showcase her creations. Though she never envisioned herself in this role, Tiffanie is immensely grateful for the opportunities that have come her way.

With her artistic journey flourishing, Tiffanie continues to bring her creative vision to life, spreading joy through her designs and establishing herself as a thriving artist in her own right.

Tips to fellow artists:

Always take breaks and never push yourself, it can be stressful but trust the journey!

You may support Tiffany by directly donating to her here or check out her social links:

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