Cheery Human Studios by Kristina Yu

Cheery Human Studios by Kristina Yu

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In the bustling world of creative design, Kristina emerges as a vivacious freelance Illustrator and designer, leaving her artistic imprint through her vibrant work. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she is also the proud founder of Cheery Human Studios, an enchanting haven that houses a delightful array of art, gifts, and stationery, all radiating a sense of warmth and encouragement.

Kristina's journey as an artist commenced in 2016, and she quickly found her calling in crafting whimsical products like washi tape, greeting cards, and stickers. Each creation showcases her distinctive and captivating artwork, which is brimming with cuteness and a kaleidoscope of colors. Beyond her artistic ventures, she curates the monthly Cheery Club on her Ko-Fi page, delighting members with charming snail mail sent out regularly. Through this endeavor, she cultivates a sense of community and spreads joy with her creations. While packaging orders and conceiving innovative product designs occupy a significant portion of her time, Kristina also collaborates with clients on various projects. Her expertise in illustration caters to a diverse range of needs, including editorial, product, publishing, and marketing ventures. However, she finds utmost fulfillment in assignments that aim to bring happiness and solace to others. It is in these endeavors that her passion truly flourishes, as she uses her artistic prowess to touch the hearts of those who encounter her work.

To nourish her creative spirit, Kristina seeks solace in diverse endeavors. She delights in exploring new recipes, drawing inspiration from the flavors and textures that dance on her taste buds. Her passion for art extends to collecting an extensive library of art books, where she immerses herself in the boundless creativity of other visionaries. A visit to a stationery shop invigorates her senses, as she indulges in the world of exquisite paper, pens, and decorative trinkets. To complete the ambiance, the soft melodies of singer-songwriter pop serenade her, infusing her workspace with a harmonious atmosphere. With unwavering dedication and a penchant for spreading positivity, Kristina's creative journey thrives. Her vibrant artwork and thoughtfully designed products continue to touch the lives of many, bringing cheer to the world one stroke of the brush at a time.

Tips to fellow artists:

Make the things that you are most interested in and bring you joy. When you create things that matter to you, it really shows in the work you put out into the world. Be open to learning new things whether that be through artists you admire, acquiring/strengthening your technological skills, or trying out a medium you've always been curious about. Remember that being creative isn't linear. Progress is different for everybody, so it's really important to reflect on your own journey and decide where you'd like to go from there.

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If you wish to support Kristina's creative journey by donating to her directly, you may donate here.

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