Stephanie Savard (Canada)

Stephanie Savard (Canada)

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Meet Stephanie Savard, a talented and vibrant 26-year-old art director and illustrator based in the heart of Montreal, Canada. Since she was a little girl, Stephanie's passion for drawing has been insatiable, holding a pencil as if it were an extension of her own hand. However, it was during her graphic design studies that she stumbled upon the enchanting world of illustration, forever changing the trajectory of her artistic journey.

Three years ago, a creative spark ignited within Stephanie, leading her to unveil her artwork on Instagram. Instead of sharing the typical pictures of her cat, she decided to showcase her mesmerizing drawings, each stroke revealing a unique glimpse into her creative soul. Her intention was twofold: to build a diverse portfolio and document the evolution of her distinctive style.

Cats, plants, and food - these are the delightful trifecta that consistently grace the canvas of Stephanie's illustrations. A true testament to her passions, they dance together in perfect harmony, painting a vivid narrative that captures the hearts of her growing audience.

For Stephanie, creating art is more than just a means of expression; it's a bridge that connects her with people on a profound level. Sometimes, emotions become too complex to articulate with words alone, and that's where her art steps in, weaving a tapestry of sentiments that resonate universally. In her art, Stephanie discovers solace and freedom, embracing the present moment and noticing the enchanting intricacies of life that often elude our busy minds.

Her ultimate dream is to bring joy and laughter to those who encounter her illustrations. Stephanie Savard aspires to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of people, evoking smiles and fostering happiness whenever her art finds a place on their walls or in any other corner of their lives.

As Stephanie's artistic journey continues to unfold, she remains committed to exploring new frontiers, stretching the boundaries of her creativity, and creating a world that resonates with the souls of her viewers. With each stroke of her pencil, Stephanie breathes life into her art, leaving a trail of inspiration for all who follow her remarkable voyage.

Tips to fellow Artists:
I hated being told that I should do personal projects when I was in school, but it’s really how I was able to develop my style and build myself a small portfolio of illustrations. It's hard to find the motivation to do it (and to find time to do them), but it pays off so much! It's also a great way to find future projects that fit with what you like to do. When I'm in need of inspiration, I really like to participate in artistic challenges on Instagram such as @stillherestilllife, @peachtober or #drawthisinyourstyle, which help me to stay motivated and to continue my exploration.
Another tip that I would have is to not be afraid of trying new things or new techniques, even if it doesn't work at first (or at all). We don't have to draw the same way all the time, it's important that our style evolve over time.
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