Julia Leister

Julia Leister

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       Julia Leister is a 25-year-old illustrator and surface designer from Germany. She has always had a passion for drawing and creating, and she considers herself fortunate to be able to pursue her passion as a profession. As an artist, Julia is constantly learning and growing, and she takes great pride in the progress she has made so far.

      One of the things that inspires Julia the most is vintage design, particularly from the mid-century era. She is drawn to the bold colors, playful typography, and quirky imagery of that time, and she strives to incorporate those elements into her work whenever possible. Julia is always on the lookout for ephemera that can serve as inspiration, whether it's vintage postcards, stamps, or airplane tickets.

      She has had the fortune of working with a variety of brands and companies throughout her career. Her clients include well-known names like CASETiFY, HP, Birdhouse Skateboards, Roche, Splice, and many others. Additionally, she has had the pleasure of creating artwork for musicians and record labels such as A.L.I.S.O.N., Majestic Casual, Kaspa, and vern matz. Julia takes great pride in collaborating with these diverse clients and contributing her artistic skills to their projects.

    In addition to her commercial work, Julia also finds joy in teaching others how to create their own digital illustrations. She has developed a course on Skillshare where she shares her techniques and tips for using Procreate and creating digital Paper Dolls.

     As an artist, Julia primarily works digitally using her iPad, although she occasionally utilizes Adobe programs as well. She loves experimenting with different styles and techniques, constantly challenging herself to step out of her comfort zone. While she is still developing her own unique style, Julia finds great enjoyment in exploring a range of different styles and themes.

     Overall, Julia feels incredibly grateful to be able to pursue her passion for art on a daily basis. She draws inspiration from the world around her and the incredible artists and designers she has encountered along her journey. While she acknowledges that there is still much to learn and achieve as an artist, Julia is excited to see where this artistic journey will lead her.

Tips to fellow Artists:

Don't just share your polished work, people want to see your process and sketches so don't be afraid to show that as well! 

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