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Medium, a renowned company at the forefront of content creation, has joined hands with Your Stuff Made, the go-to experts for event merchandise, to enhance the experiences of Medium's events. Our journey together began with an exciting range of merchandise, including exquisite Enamel Pins and Keychains. One of the standout events, Camp Medium 2022, saw the incorporation of these unique pins as part of its identity. With designs encompassing the iconic Medium logo, the spirited "Camp Medium 2022" text, and the adventurous AirStream, each pin encapsulated the essence of the event. A hundred pieces of each meticulously crafted design were brought to life, adding a touch of collectible artistry to the event's atmosphere.

Building on the success of our initial collaboration, Medium returned to us the following year with fresh ideas to adorn their events. This time, the challenge was met with fervor as we swiftly produced another set of pins and keychains. The designs, including charming cacti, rugged boots, and the symbolically rich ladder, were all brought to life through the soft enamel technique. Despite the rush nature of the order, our commitment to excellence prevailed as we managed to deliver a hundred pieces for each design, ensuring Medium's events continued to be graced with top-tier, specially crafted merchandise.

The partnership between Medium and Your Stuff Made stands as a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and dedication. Together, we've woven the spirit of Medium's events into tangible pieces of art, fostering memorable experiences for attendees and encapsulating the essence of each occasion through thoughtfully designed and expertly executed merchandise.

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